The durability of custom tiles.

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In this article we will look at some aspects of the resistance of the custom tiles to mechanical stress. Usually, when they talk about the resistance of custom tiles to any influences (mechanical, chemical, UV rays, etc.), of course they mean the resistance of the image applied on the ceramic tile to all the above-mentioned influences. This is certainly correct and good, but that's not all.

It's true that if the custom tile is produced correctly, the image is resistant to fading, household cleaners and rubbing with even the roughest sponges. But as you know, the devil is in the details. The fact that no matter how wear resistant is the image on the ceramic tile, no one cancels the properties of the tile itself. And after all, different types of ceramic tiles have different characteristics from each other. Ceramic tiles of various types can be produced using different technologies, fired at different temperatures and, as a result, have different characteristics in terms of wear resistance, density, and water absorption. Different surface textures also have differences, for example, the mechanical effect on ceramic tiles.

For example, a glossy ceramic tile has a beautiful shine, but it is easy to scratch, it has not very high wear resistance and durability. If you rub such a tile with a rough household sponge, you will find that very small but visible scratches remain on the surface of the tile. Whether it will be a custom tile with an image printed on it, or just a white, pristine tile, scratches will still remain on it.

Matt tile, on the other hand, is more wear-resistant and durable than glossy tile, but it does not have a beautiful and rich luster.

If you want to hang a beautiful picture on a ceramic tile in a wooden frame on the wall, you do not need a very high wear resistance and strength of the tile. If you are looking for a souvenir that is not intended for intensive use, then increased durability is also not paramount. If you want a beautiful, colorful trivet for a hot frying pan, you should not forget about the limitations of the wear resistance of the material itself, on which this beautiful and colorful image is applied. In other words, if you hit strong enough any ceramic tile with a hard metal object, then it is highly possible that this tile will be damaged, regardless of whether an image is applied to it or not. You should never forget about this, especially when using ceramic kitchen trivets for pots and pans. Unfortunately, there is nothing in this world that is created by one person and that could not be spoiled by another person. That is life...

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