The advantages of using ceramic custom tiles in interior design.

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The advantages of using ceramic custom tiles in interior design and its high performance characteristics have already been written about earlier in our blog. Let's not repeat ourselves, let's just take a closer look at using the possibilities of ceramic custom tiles in the context of the interior designer's work.

We offer a flexible, easily adaptable to both the preferences of the potential client and the designer him-herself, a high-quality, exclusive tool for turning any design project into a unique, personalized artwork.

Let's ask two simple questions.

Question one: Is the use of ceramic custom tiles in interior design something that technically is particularly complicated?  The answer is: no.

Ceramic tiles used widely and successfully by designers, it is among the familiar and well-known materials. Available in a large selection of more or less the same models of ceramic tiles in most specialized stores, technically installation of such standard tiles on the walls is almost no different (except for two or three minor nuances) from the installation of custom tile inserts or murals.

Question two: What are the benefits of using custom tiles or murals in interior design?

Again, we are not going to repeat all the advantages of ceramic custom tiles. However, it is worth emphasizing a few very important aspects related to the use of this tool.

1) The success of using ceramic custom tiles or murals depends, among other things, on the interior designer him-herself. As an artist, the interior designer receives a tool adaptable to almost any project, which in the hands of a sculptor, like a piece of marble, can be transformed into any sculpture. Designers can use ceramic custom tiles in their work according to their taste, their capabilities and limitations, their professional preferences.

2) The use of ceramic custom tiles or murals in interior design will single out the designer from a long line of his many colleagues who use standard approaches in their work, which could potentially lead to a significant increase in the client base of that designer and a steady flow of new clients on the recommendation of those people who have been satisfied with the creativity, novelty and originality in the work of this very single designer.

3) The use of ceramic custom tiles or murals could potentially bring the designer a higher income from his projects, due to the slightly higher cost of ceramic custom tiles compared to conventional ceramic tiles, as well as by the exclusivity and particular personalization of such projects. 

4) The use of ceramic custom tiles in interior design, even in small inserts or small panels, brings the possibilities of the designer to a qualitatively new level.

To summarize the above, it can be said that using ceramic custom tiles or murals in their creative work, the interior designers receive a versatile tool that can easily be adapted to different conditions, requirements and preferences. Ceramic custom tiles are not just a finished product, but a flexible, adaptable, adjustable and variable product for each unique design project.


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