How to choose the right type of ceramic tiles for a little bathroom - a few pieces of advice.

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Even a tiny room can be made visually pleasant and spacious- the right tiles play a very important (sometimes- a dominant) role in that challenge.

What exactly you should consider choosing the tiles for your bathroom.

1) Tile's size.

Choose a tile of medium size. Too large elements in a small bathroom will look bulky and not harmonious.

From the other side, a small tile can visually "eat up" the space. Mosaic tiles (i.e.- a "regular" mosaic, not a tile's murals) look advantageous in a small bathroom if they are very small and not very contrasting: then they create a general background and almost do not affect the visual geometry.

2) A colour.

Light-coloured tiles in a small bathroom are a great solution, but not the only one. If you prefer classic options, you should choose beige, milky, blue tiles.

If you want something more interesting, courageous and exclusive - choose the tiles of darker coloured shades, the ornaments or tile's mural with a gorgeous, vibrant image. And don't forget that in a room without natural light, the effect of light shades is not very noticeable.

3) Matte or glossy tiles?

Opt for glossy textures. The glossy tiles look more luxurious. Moreover, smooth and shiny tiles due to the glare will make a small bathroom visually more spacey.

There is only one "but" here: tiles with a glossy texture more vulnerable to scratches and require a little more frequent maintenance (ex.: hard water stains (calcium or iron deposits), etc.).

4. Solid colour or with a pattern?

Drawings and ornaments within a single tile will look advantageous even in a small bathroom.

A mural, assembled from several tiles in the principle of a panel, will take too much attention as if reduce the whole room to one point, which is not beneficial for a tiny bathroom. Such a method is better to use in a narrow and elongated bathroom, to correct the geometry. For a very little bathroom, as it was mentioned above, it is better to use multiple insertions of single decorated tiles with images.

We hope that this article was useful for you to make the right decision.



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