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We are a family business from  Outaouais region (Quebec, Canada) making great efforts to provide you with a wide range of exclusive, finest, ceramic tile based decorative products.

Do you want a framed picture for your kitchen, living room or bathroom? Do you want a funny retro style kitchen trivet with conversion scale to simplify your baking and cooking projects? Do you want a personalized greeting or commemorative card made on ceramic tile that will stay with your loved ones for a long long time?
Or maybe you want an exclusive, gorgeous, beautiful hard-wearing Mural that will stay colorful and vivid for decades?

Our decorated tiles will help you to create a unique design or to get a unique gift.
All our decorated tiles will keep their colors and their vibrant appearance for at least 15 years. We use the hot decal method to transfer the images on the regular ceramic and porcelain tiles. This transfer technique definitely allows you to get the most durable and wear-resistant image on ceramic tiles in comparison with all other techniques, therefore our decorated tiles can serve as a simple decoration or can be installed on the wall as permanent ceramic wall tile, using conventional installation tools and tile adhesives.

Whatever you choose: a framed picture, a kitchen trivet, a personalized greeting card or a Mural, permanently installed on the wall- the images will be resistant to high-temperatures, humidity, UV-radiation and action of most household cleaning agents. The images on our tiles will resist fading for about 15-20 years (during indoor use under normal conditions).

The decorated tiles can be cleaned with a soft sponge or a damp cloth to wipe clean. It is not recommended to use rough abrasive sponges for decorated tiles cleaning- it may leave subtle scratches on many smooth surfaces, including the glaze of the ceramic tiles.

We do as much as possible to ensure a full satisfaction of our customers. We work hard to provide quality assurance processes of every order at the level of production, packaging and shipping of your purchase. But if some issue has occurred- be sure, we are on your side to help and to resolve the issue.

We help unique people to choose a unique decor!