Custom tiles and Murals.

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Custom tile is a ceramic tile decorated with any image to your liking. The high resolution, contrast and color gamut of the image allows you to create almost any photographic and drawn image for interior (and not only interior) decoration, satisfying any, the most daring flight of fancy. The method of transferring the image on ceramic tiles, which is used in our company, is called the "hot decal method". The technology of making custom tiles using the hot decal method allows you to achieve high image sharpness; brightness and color gamut is preserved for decades.

In recent years, in many countries of the world, ceramic custom tiles and Murals are considered one of the most successful and promising finishing materials. Indeed, ceramic custom tiles and murals have a number of undeniable advantages in comparison with other finishing materials. Custom ceramic tiles combine the brightness and vibrancy of highly detailed images with the durability and wear resistance of ceramic tiles. Ceramic custom tiles made using hot decal method retain their decorative properties for a very long time. It is resistant to household chemicals, moisture, UV-radiation (direct sunlight) and, to a certain extent, to mechanical stress.

The area of application of custom tiles made using the hot decal method is quite extensive and allows implementing a huge variety of various design solutions: interior decoration of private residences (bathrooms, kitchens, ceramic Murals, panels for fireplaces, etc.), exterior design (building facades, decoration of fences, etc.), as well as for decorating the interiors of offices, shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, medical clinics, kindergartens, nightclubs, etc.).

Today there are several technologies that allow producing custom tiles. Of course, each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Our company uses the custom tiles manufacturing technology that allows achieving the highest quality of the manufactured products, because in this technology the tiles are fired at a temperature of about 850°C-915°C (about 1562°F-1679°F), as a result of which the color pigments of ceramic paints are fused into the tile's glaze, forming the most durable and resistant to external factors image. The image on such custom tile will be resistant to fading, mechanical and chemical influences for at least 10 to 15 years. Other methods of producing custom tiles can only guarantee image quality for 2 to 5 years (on the average) due to the lower resistance of the image to friction, household chemicals, moisture and direct sunlight. The main disadvantages of the hot decal method are the longer and more time consuming manufacturing process and, as a consequence, the slightly higher cost of the custom tile produced by this method. It is clear, though, that a little higher price is compensated by higher durability and wear resistance. Also, the disadvantages of hot decal include some limitations in the color palette (color reproduction) of printed images. These limitations directly follow from the peculiarities of the production technology and the materials used for the manufacturing of this product.

Retail stores that specialize in interior decor, as well as large retail chains that sell building materials, can offer a very large selection of ceramic tiles. Almost the same selection of ceramic tile models are available everywhere. However, these retail stores and large retail chains will not be able to provide their customers with ceramic tiles with a large selection of images in a wide range of thematic sections. Individual approach and production of custom tiles for a specific exclusive order - this, you must agree, is not the format of a large retail chain of finishing materials.

Advantages of Custom tiles:

- Custom tiles provide complete freedom for the flight of fancy.

- Custom tile is a material that is resistant to most external influences. Most finishing and decorative materials are in one way or another sensitive to moisture, direct sunlight, wiping with a sponge, cloth and household cleaners. Wallpaper, photo wallpaper, modular panels, wall stickers, ceramic tile stickers can fade, peel, warp, peel off, lose their decorative appearance. Custom tiles maintain their smooth surface and brightness of colors for decades.

- Custom tiles are relatively easy to install with conventional adhesives, so it doesn't take long to install custom tiles. In the case of custom tiles panels, the tiles can be laid without seams and the gaps between the panels are filled with transparent, low-visibility silicone.

- Custom tiles are durable. They do not require delicate care. A surface tiled with custom tiles retains its brightness and freshness for many years, without the need for restoration or repair.

Add a zest to the interior design of your home by decorating it with a set of custom tiles, and you will permanently provide yourself with a lot of aesthetic pleasure, and your home will acquire a special bright identity!


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