Custom pet digital pencil sketch.

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1) Choose the dimensions of the tile and the colour of the wooden frame (if it is 6"x6" tile).

2) Choose one of the available sketch styles.

3) Add the name of your pet if desired.

4) Upload a photo of your pet (due to the limited selection of sizes of suitable ceramic tiles for a pet portrait, it is advisable to choose a photo that is not too wide. Otherwise, we will have to crop the image to maintain the correct proportions of the picture on a square ceramic tile). 


We all love our pets and sometimes we would like to capture their appearance on a long lasting, durable medium. In this case, any medium is hardly more beautiful, more durable and more economical, than ceramic tile.

ArtisTile Ceramic offers you amazing digital pencil sketches of your beloved pet. These pencil sketches will stay with you for a long time.

Just send us a photo of your pet, choose one of the available sketch styles and we will transform it to a pencil sketch fused with the glaze of ceramic tile. You will get an adorable, durable and economic image of your beloved pet.

The pencil sketches are available in four different styles, the size and the quality of ceramic tiles may vary according to your choice. Also, the 6-inches glossy tiles are framed with dark brown or nut brown wooden frames.

The name of your pet may be added to the portrait if desired.

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